Powdered water

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My wife and I went on a long bike ride today in 100 degree weather.  My wife said at mile 15, “Someone needs to invent a way of making water lighter to carry.  Like powdered water.”.  My reply was, “Oh, so you just add water to make water?  Or..why don’t you sell an empty water bottle?”

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Ride to Death

Category: Kids

My 7 year old niece is visiting. We drove by a water park with very long lines on the stairs to the slides. As we passed she said, “That ride looks broken. All those people are waiting in line to die.”

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Jimmy Jam WNCI june 13

Category: Dave and Jimmy – WNCI

Jimmy: If I wanted to take a pot smoker I could just take Ghandi, not an ex-con.

Jimmy: I don’t understand why people get busted for domestic violence when all they need to do is deny it ever happened. He is he said she said.

Jimmy to Dave: You have never put vodka in a water bottle to sneak it in someplace?

_all paraphrases from Dave and Jimmy show on WNCI on June 13th.

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Yucky Water!

Scene: Reading Richard Scarry’s “Things that Go” just before bed. There is a sewer cleaning truck on one of the pages.

Who: Mommy and 4 year old son, Trevor

Background and Conversation: Trevor: “What is that?”
Mommy: “It is a sewer truck.”
Trevor: “What does it do?”
Mommy: “All the stuff that is in the toilet, goes under ground. This truck cleans it out.”
Trevor: “Where does it go?”
Mommy: “To a water treatment plant, where they clean it.”
Trevor: “Then were does it go?”
Mommy: “They turn it into clean water for us to use.”
Trevor: “We drink p-oo-p water?”

-submitted by Trisha-

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