Big Sister gives explanation to Little Sister

Scene: At the kitchen table

Who: Madison (4) and Reese (2)

Background and Conversation: We were having dinner and I will typically let the girls have “treats” – aka dessert if they eat all their food and make good choices during dinner. Reese was not feeling ANYTHING this day and her favorite word was a loud NO followed by an aggressive swing at something.

Madison: “Now Reese all you have to do is eat your dinner and stop yelling at Dad and you can have a cookie.”

Reese: “NO!!! While throwing a piece of broccoli.”

Madison: “Now Reese that wasn’t nice at all. That is not how we act at the dinner table.¬†Watch your sister.”

Reese: “NOOOOOO!!!!! Now trying to get at Madison.”

Madison: “Well that attitude is not going to get you anywhere.”

Madison: “Dad I think Reese should not be allowed to have a treat after dinner until she decides to make better choices.”

Me:” Is that right”

Reese: Breaking out into serious tears and yelling out her frustration.

She did not get dessert that night and had a quick bath and bed time.

-submitted by Corey-

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