Question of the Week for May 10th!

What is your Mommy’s favorite toy to play with?

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Baby Dip

Scene:  At the kitchen table

Who:  Daddy and Walter, 4 year old boy, and victim Gideon (18 month old younger brother)

Background and Conversation:

We have a toy guitar that plays a song that says “Baby Steps” in it.  Walter thinks it says, “Baby Dip”.  Mommy did not know Walter had this confusion.

Walter:  ”Mommy, what would we dip Gideon into?”

Mommy:  ”Excuse me?”

Walter: “If we baby dipped Gideon, what would be use?” (with persistence)

Mommy:  ”Well, I guess ranch dressing?”

Walter:  ”No silly Mommy, chocolate, then we could lick it off.”

-The confusion was later explained to Mommy-

-Submitted by Kimberly-

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