Write a Song

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Son(4): “Mommy, because you want to be a clown for halloween I wrote you a song.

-Hi, I am a clown with a big red nose.  But, it isn’t really a nose, it is a bleeding thing.  I went driving in my bleeding nose one day in my race car. I got bees stuck all over it and ran into a ditch.  Then I saw a tractor and lost my nose on the farm.-

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Rescue Truck

Who:  Mommy’s friend Jessica and Sam (4)

Jessica:  Sam, who would save the Willy [the kitty] if he got stuck in a tree?

Sam:  Well, I would find a zookeeper and steal his keys and let a gorilla out.  The gorilla would climb the tree and get the kitty.

Jessica:  What if the gorilla got stuck?

Sam, while tapping his head with his index finger:  Gorillas are very smart, he won’t get stuck.

Jessica, after some snickering:  Yeah but what if he does get stuck?

Sam:  Well, then a rescue truck can get the kitty and the gorilla.

Jessica: What if the rescue people get stuck?

Sam:  Another set of rescue people come.  And then if all the people in the rescue truck get stuck.  A super-hero that flies will come save all of them.

-Submitted by Tara-


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