Age Conditioning

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I am an athletic 37 year old but seem to be falling apart. My sports med doctor told me, “When you were younger, you could use soccer as conditioning.  At your age now, you need to condition to play soccer.”

-Thanks Doc!

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Race Car

Category: Kids
Who:  Mom and Walt (4)

Walt and I went to get swim passes for the summer and they actually took a picture of him and gave him his very first “ID”. He was very proud of himself.

Mom: “Ahh, you are getting so big honey, don’t grow up too fast.”

Walt: “Why not?”

Mom:  ”Someday you will want to move out and Mommy will miss you.”

Walt” “Don’t worry Mommy, I will own a sports car and a truck. I will use the sports car to drive really fast to you every day.  Whenever you call, I will drive really fast to see you.  The truck is in case people need stuff carried, it is a dump truck.”

Mom: “Oh boy, you are going to need a pole barn to store it.”

Walt: “Bampa [Grandpa] has a pole barn. I will move in with them.”

Mom:  ”That is kind of far though.”

Walt”  ”That is why I have the sports car silly, so I can drive fast to visit you.”

-Submitted by Kimberly-


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