Wait an hour

Category: Kids

A “Yeah Right” Moment

Son(4): “Mom, come play with me.” Mom: “Ok but it may be a while.” Son: “That’s ok, I can just sit and wait a whole hour.”

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Age Conditioning

Category:  Doctor

I am an athletic 37 year old but seem to be falling apart. My sports med doctor told me, “When you were younger, you could use soccer as conditioning.  At your age now, you need to condition to play soccer.”

-Thanks Doc!

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Let’s make a deal

Scene:  Eating lunch

Who:  Mommy and Tim (4)

Background and Conversation:

Mommy: “You can play outside once you finish your dinner, put your plate away and pick up your toys. ”

Tim: “Let’s make a deal. How about I get a treat, give you a hug and a kiss, then go outside and play.” – followed by a crazy cute smile.

You gotta give it to him for adding the hug and kiss in there!

-submitted by Tim-



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