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Son(3) wakes up in the the middle of the night screaming. I went in there to see what was wrong.  He had his hands in his mouth and was yelling, “Help me!  The cavities, they are attacking my teeth!”

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Waiting to Die

Category: Just Somebody

I was in an hotel one night when a huge storm came through and tornado sirens sounded at 1:00 a.m. Everyone in the hotel gathered in a lobby area when a random guy came running in and says, “This looks like a room full of people waiting to die!”

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Ambiguously Annoying Person

Category: Just Somebody, Customers

I called a physical training type place (MAT) today to ask some questions. This was the conversation:

Me: “Hi, I was wondering how much a visit costs?”
Ambiguously Annoying Person: “We can’t determine that until you come in and we see you.”
Me: “Well I would like to know just how much an hour is, or a ball park.”
AAP: “Well, we need to see you to discuss cost. Do you have any other issues?”
Me: “Ok, time is an issue for me. It is difficult for me to get to appointments due to kids and work. About how often would I need to come?”
AAP: “That depends on you and what you need.”
Me: “I understand but in general do people go every day or once a week? Thirty minutes or an hour?
AAP: “It really just depends on you, you can do thirty minutes, you can do an hour, we need to see you first.”
Me: (Laughing a bit at this point), “Ok, well what times do you guys operate?”
AAP: “We are by appointment.”
Me: “Yes, but what times of day do you take appointments?”
AAP: “What would you like?”
Me: “I am just wondering, if you take appointments early in the morning and late at night, before and after work.”
AAP: “What works best for you?”
Pause with me sort of snickering (AAP must have read that my “energy” level was off)
AAP: “I can tell that you need our services, why don’t you come in for one free initial visit and we can discuss.”
Me: “As I said before, time is an issue for me. I would like to learn more about your services before I take the time out to see you.”
AAP: “Well maybe you should just try physical therapy with your doctor for a bit and if it doesn’t work come and see us…we will still be here.”

Oh my fucking god….please just answer one question!

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Momma’s Cookin, 2

Category: Kids

This is a continuation of Momma’s Cookin’.

This morning my Son(4) told me this story:

Son (4): Mommy last night in the middle of the night I heard this sound (he sings the Super Why song) and I knew there was a problem! So, I turned into a super hero and took out my telescope (he puts his fingers around his eyes like binoculars) and looked out the window. There was a bad guy in the street. I knew just what to do Mommy!

Mom: Oh? What was that?

Son: I threw him some of those cookies you made the other night and they killed him! They killed him Mommy. My super hero powers and your Mommy cookies saved the day!

I am thinking… I take this as a compliment or do I need to adjust my cookie recipe?

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