169 Days to the End

Category:  Kids

Son(4), “Mommy, there are 169 days until the end.”

Mom, “The end of what?”

Son, “Until the end of all days.”


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Spare Kitty

Category:  Kids

We recently had to put one of our two cats down (he was 15 years old).

Mom: “Are you sad about Willy? Do you miss him?”

Son(4): “No….but…are you sad?”

Mom: “Yeah, I miss him.”

Son: “Don’t worry Mommy, we have still have another one.  But she doesn’t really like people much.”

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Wait an hour

Category: Kids

A “Yeah Right” Moment

Son(4): “Mom, come play with me.” Mom: “Ok but it may be a while.” Son: “That’s ok, I can just sit and wait a whole hour.”

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Under Pants

Category: Kids

Mom: “Put some underwear on.”

Son(4): “Underwear is a silly word. So is underpants.” Pause “Underpants is like Under…Pants. Because they go on under your pants. Ohhh, that word isn’t silly at all.”

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Momma’s Cookin, 2

Category: Kids

This is a continuation of Momma’s Cookin’.

This morning my Son(4) told me this story:

Son (4): Mommy last night in the middle of the night I heard this sound (he sings the Super Why song) and I knew there was a problem! So, I turned into a super hero and took out my telescope (he puts his fingers around his eyes like binoculars) and looked out the window. There was a bad guy in the street. I knew just what to do Mommy!

Mom: Oh? What was that?

Son: I threw him some of those cookies you made the other night and they killed him! They killed him Mommy. My super hero powers and your Mommy cookies saved the day!

I am thinking….So..do I take this as a compliment or do I need to adjust my cookie recipe?

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Great Uncle Replacement

Category:  Kids

My great uncle is sick and there has been some discussion at various dinners lately about it. I didn’t realize how much my son was picking up on.

Son(4): Mommy, did your great uncle die?

Mommy:  No, he just real sick right now.

Son:  Well, when he dies, I will be your great uncle for you.

How Sweet!

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Race Car

Category: Kids
Who:  Mom and Walt (4)

Walt and I went to get swim passes for the summer and they actually took a picture of him and gave him his very first “ID”. He was very proud of himself.

Mom: “Ahh, you are getting so big honey, don’t grow up too fast.”

Walt: “Why not?”

Mom:  ”Someday you will want to move out and Mommy will miss you.”

Walt” “Don’t worry Mommy, I will own a sports car and a truck. I will use the sports car to drive really fast to you every day.  Whenever you call, I will drive really fast to see you.  The truck is in case people need stuff carried, it is a dump truck.”

Mom: “Oh boy, you are going to need a pole barn to store it.”

Walt: “Bampa [Grandpa] has a pole barn. I will move in with them.”

Mom:  ”That is kind of far though.”

Walt”  ”That is why I have the sports car silly, so I can drive fast to visit you.”

-Submitted by Kimberly-


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The Birth of Christ

Who: Boy (age 7) and Mom

While attending Catholic mass where our cousin was celebrating her first Holy Communion the priest discussed with the communicants the importance of the birth of Christ…

Boy: Mom, is the bird of Christ an eagle?
Mom: It might be an eagle.
Boy: Yeah, it’s GOT to be an eagle. I love eagles.

-submitted by Jessica-

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Scene: At the kitchen table

Who: Mommy and Walter (4 years of age)

Background and Conversation: We decided to talk in an English accent all through dinner tonight. At one point I told Walter that in England they call their Mom, Mum.

Walter: “So do they say Mummy for Mommy?”
Mommy: “I suppose so” (In an English accent)
Walter: “So are their Mommy’s wrapped in toilet paper?”

-submitted by Kimberly-

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Who:  Mom and Son (4 years old)

Background and Conversation:

Mom says, “Listen to me.”

Son says, “Sorry mom, that is not on my schedule.”

-Submitted by Natalia-

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Football isn’t for girls!

Scene: At a women’s tackle football game (Columbus Comets)

Who:  Mommy and Dane, 3 year old boy.
Background:  Dane has never seen football on TV or live.  As he was approaching the field sideline he says about the girls in uniform on the sidelines…
     Dane:  ”Mommy, why are those girls by the field?”
     Mommy: “Because this is a girl’s football team, those are all girls playing.”
     Dane: “Silly mommy, those are boys on the field, the girls are just standing on the side lines.”
-He has never seen football before, where did he get that idea already!-
-submitted by Susan-
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