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“If you just eat gummy bears and nothing else… you will lose weight.” JoJo - Big Brother 14

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My husband read Bambi to my son last night:

Son(4): Did his Mommy come back?
Dad: No, the hunter killed her.
Son: Why?
Dad: Because he needed to feed his family
Son: That’s it, we are not eating animals anymore.  They have Mommies too.  We can only eat chicken from now on.

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On an airplane sitting next to a nice lady. She was buttoned up and older, and seemed very polite. As the food came around, we discussed how it wasn’t the best cuisine in the world, but were still very hungry nonetheless. She said, “I’m so hungry, I would eat sh#@!” And then she gave a tiny, cute laugh.

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People Have Meat Inside Them!

Who:  Mommy and Walt(4)

Walt: “Grandpa likes to hunt and then eat the meat.”

Mom: “Yeah”

Walt: “Yeah, and did you know we eat dead people.?”

Mom: “What?  No we don’t eat people honey.”

Walt:  ”But they have meat in them!  And…they don’t need it anymore.”

Mom: “Sweety, we don’t eat people.”

Walt:  ”Why not?”

Mom:  ”I imagine it doesn’t taste good. Sometimes dead people give their organs to people though.”

Walt:  ”What is an organ?”

Mom:  ”Heart, of your body. They do it so the sick person can live longer.”

Walt: “Sort of like changing a spare tire on a car?  So the car can go farther?”

Mom: “Yep, just like a spare tire.”

Walt: “How would you get the organ out if you don’t have a knife with you?”

Mom: “The doctor does it at the hospital.”

Walt: “Sort of like a tow truck brings a car back to the garage to get fixed?”

Mom: “Yep”

Walt: “Then the sick person puts it in their mouth to get it in them?”

Mom: “Nope, the doctor puts it in them.”

Walt:  ”But how?”


-The conversation went on for about thirty more minutes…..


-Submitted by Kimberly-

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Scene: At the dinner table

Who: Mommy
Matthew- age 3

Background and Conversation: Mommy (trying to get Matthew to finish his food)- “Matthew chew it up and swallow it down to your belly.”

Matthew- “Mommy, since babies are in your belly, do big people eat babies?”

-submitted by Nicole-

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