Singing at the Table

My mother always told us that we were not allowed to sing at the table during dinner.  I have no idea why this was an issue.  She never said, “no toys at the table”, “no feet on the table”, instead “no singing at the table.”

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Big Sister gives explanation to Little Sister

Scene: At the kitchen table

Who: Madison (4) and Reese (2)

Background and Conversation: We were having dinner and I will typically let the girls have “treats” – aka dessert if they eat all their food and make good choices during dinner. Reese was not feeling ANYTHING this day and her favorite word was a loud NO followed by an aggressive swing at something.

Madison: “Now Reese all you have to do is eat your dinner and stop yelling at Dad and you can have a cookie.”

Reese: “NO!!! While throwing a piece of broccoli.”

Madison: “Now Reese that wasn’t nice at all. That is not how we act at the dinner table. Watch your sister.”

Reese: “NOOOOOO!!!!! Now trying to get at Madison.”

Madison: “Well that attitude is not going to get you anywhere.”

Madison: “Dad I think Reese should not be allowed to have a treat after dinner until she decides to make better choices.”

Me:” Is that right”

Reese: Breaking out into serious tears and yelling out her frustration.

She did not get dessert that night and had a quick bath and bed time.

-submitted by Corey-

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Fish Dinners can be FUNNY!

Scene: We were at home eating dinner.

Who: Abby (3), Mommy (Abigail), and Daddy (JP)

Background and Conversation: We were having Captain D’s for dinner the other night, and Abby was eating her fish, corn, fruit (obviously not from Captain D’s), and hush puppy (only 1). She ate a few bites, finished the hush puppy, and turned to us and very politely said, “Mommy, may I please have another “hushy ball?” Hilarious! It took us a moment to realize that she was asking for another hush puppy, but sort of missed the mark. Of course, we didn’t want to laugh at her, she was being very polite, but we couldn’t help it! She did get her feelings hurt a bit because we were laughing, but she also got the “hushy ball” It was definitely a good dinner!

-submitted by Abigail-

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