Write a Song

Category: Kids

Son(4): “Mommy, because you want to be a clown for halloween I wrote you a song.

-Hi, I am a clown with a big red nose.  But, it isn’t really a nose, it is a bleeding thing.  I went driving in my bleeding nose one day in my race car. I got bees stuck all over it and ran into a ditch.  Then I saw a tractor and lost my nose on the farm.-

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Ambiguously Annoying Person

Category: Just Somebody, Customers

I called a physical training type place (MAT) today to ask some questions. This was the conversation:

Me: “Hi, I was wondering how much a visit costs?”
Ambiguously Annoying Person: “We can’t determine that until you come in and we see you.”
Me: “Well I would like to know just how much an hour is, or a ball park.”
AAP: “Well, we need to see you to discuss cost. Do you have any other issues?”
Me: “Ok, time is an issue for me. It is difficult for me to get to appointments due to kids and work. About how often would I need to come?”
AAP: “That depends on you and what you need.”
Me: “I understand but in general do people go every day or once a week? Thirty minutes or an hour?
AAP: “It really just depends on you, you can do thirty minutes, you can do an hour, we need to see you first.”
Me: (Laughing a bit at this point), “Ok, well what times do you guys operate?”
AAP: “We are by appointment.”
Me: “Yes, but what times of day do you take appointments?”
AAP: “What would you like?”
Me: “I am just wondering, if you take appointments early in the morning and late at night, before and after work.”
AAP: “What works best for you?”
Pause with me sort of snickering (AAP must have read that my “energy” level was off)
AAP: “I can tell that you need our services, why don’t you come in for one free initial visit and we can discuss.”
Me: “As I said before, time is an issue for me. I would like to learn more about your services before I take the time out to see you.”
AAP: “Well maybe you should just try physical therapy with your doctor for a bit and if it doesn’t work come and see us…we will still be here.”

Oh my fucking god….please just answer one question!

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End of the Line

Category: Just Somebody, Customers

In this case I was the customer. I was at a clothing store around Christmas. The cashier was removing the clothes from the hanger then suddenly, while looking down, put everything on the counter. Then slowly raised her head and said, “I can’t deal with this anymore, I don’t want to help you right now.” and walked away. Bad day at work!

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Earth Day Submits!

Hi all,

Earth Day was yesterday. Did your child grasp the why we celebrate the Earth?  Ask them today and submit your story!  If you enter a Twitter address I will mention your post on Twitter with username.


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Earth Day from a 3 year old’s eyes

Scene:  In the kitchen

Who: Mommy and Son (3)

Background and Conversation:

Son:  ”Eeewww Mommy, I won’t eat off those plates anymore!”

Mommy:  ”Why?”

Son” “At school they told me that people throw trash out and it goes through a machine that makes trash into plates.  I don’t want to eat off trash.”

-While I am glad he is learning about recycling, I think he might not grasp the idea fully-

-Submitted by Silly Mommy, @clavinator -

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