No Thanks

Category: Kids
Who: Mom and Daughter (4)

We were at a cookout and I asked my daughter if she wanted some Caramel Apple Salad.  She perked up in her seat then looked confused and said,

Daughter: “Did you make it?”

Mom:  ”Yes”

Daughter: “Oh, well…then no thanks.”

-Submitted by Sarah-

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Lots to do!

Who:  Mommy, Daddy and Ryland (4)

Sitting around the patio at night.

Mommy: “We have to round up the yard, mow the lawn…” sigh

Daddy: “Vacuum, clean the bathrooms…” sigh

Ryland: “We have a lot to do around here.”

Mommy: “You are right Ryland, which one do you want to do.”

Ryland: “Do we need to take a bath? I can do that to help clean.”

-Submitted by Laura-

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Who: My 10 year old daughter, 7 year old son and me (mommy).

My 7 year old son says mom did you crack any nuts with this? (Pointing at the nutcracker) My 10 year old daughter starts laughing. So then my son says, no the real nuts that you eat. My daughter stops laughing and says, duh..what other nuts are there…oh wait (then starts laughing hysterically again). Me glaring at dad wondering why our son would know any other meaning of the word nuts.

-submitted by Deana-
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Gotta Love The Logic

Who: Girl – 8

Background and Conversation: “After all the money we’ve invested in your education, I’ll probably need to live in your basement in my old age. But don’t worry, I’ll be there to watch your kids,” my niece told her eight-year-old daughter.

The little girl gave her mother a serious look and said, “I am definitely not leaving my kids with an old lady who lives in a basement.”

-submitted by Kim, @kimbussey1,

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Mixed Message

Scene: On the way home from daycare

Who: Mommy and Angie (4)

Background and Conversation: Angie: “You know what I am supposed to do if I am on fire?”
Mommy: “No, what?”
Angie: “I am supposed to run down to the basement and roll all over bubble wrap.”
Mommy: “What? I think we may want to talk about that more sweetie.”

-submitted by Alexis—

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Golf Ball

Scene: In the backyard on a golf course.

Who: Daddy and Daughter (2)

Background and Conversation: A golf ball flew right over our head and hit the house.

Daddy: “Oh S*h*i*t*”
Daugher: “Oh S*h*i*t* is right Daddy”

-submitted by Brad-

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