Who: My 10 year old daughter, 7 year old son and me (mommy).

My 7 year old son says mom did you crack any nuts with this? (Pointing at the nutcracker) My 10 year old daughter starts laughing. So then my son says, no the real nuts that you eat. My daughter stops laughing and says, duh..what other nuts are there…oh wait (then starts laughing hysterically again). Me glaring at dad wondering why our son would know any other meaning of the word nuts.

-submitted by Deana-
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Oh Fudge!


Who: Robbie, 4 year old boy

Background and Conversation: Robbie had asked his father if he was allowed to say fudge, which is very close to the other f – word. His father told him it was okay, so he looks at father and says, “Dad, we got fudged!” Dad had no idea he was going to use it as a verb like the other F  - word…oops!

-submitted by Laura-

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What Happened to Mommy?

Scene:  In the bathroom

Who: Daddy and Son

Background and Conversation: Son is standing up while pëeing.

Son:  ”Why doesn’t mommy stand up?”

Dad: “Mommy doesn’t have a wëe-wëe.”

Son: Did hers fall off?

-submitted by David-


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