Keg Bucket of Flowers

Scene:  Reading Richard Scarry’s Things that Go book before going to bed

Who:  Mommy and 4 year old son, Todd

Background and Conversation:

First, we call this rather large bucket we have a “keg” bucket as well…that is what is bought for back in the day.

Now to the story.  In the Richard Scarry book there was a truck carrying a huge piece of cheese.

Todd:  ” That mouse is driving that cheese to his family because they like cheese.”

Mommy:  ”When you get older, what would you drive to us?”

Todd: “I would go to the grocery store and get a huge amount of flowers. I would buy all the flowers they have.  And all the flowers would be for you.  The yellow ones that look like the sun.”

Mommy:  ”That is so sweet honey.”

Todd: “But we would have to use the keg bucket to put them in when I got them to you. It is only thing big enough for all the flowers I would bring.”

-Submitted by Lisa-

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