What does Mommy do that makes her Silly?

Daughter (40) – “Because she talks to herself in grocery stories.”

Yes, she is 64 years old.  It is still considered “silly”.

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God Spitting on Me!

Who:  Mommy and Sarah (5)

Sarah came running in soaking wet the other day and screamed, “Mommy, God just spit all over me.  How gross!”

-Submitted by Yvonne-

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Idiot Designer

Who:  Mommy and Son (4)

My son got a new pair of Crocs just about a week ago.  We were at the playground today and the strap broke off them. I went over to see what happened.

Mommy: “Oh, no, your brand new shoes broke.”

Son: “Must have been one of those idiot designers.”

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Hugs and Kisses

Who:  Mommy and Walt (4)

I read Walt a book about growing up before bed.  After the book…

Walt:  ”I am going to grow up really fast.”

Mommy: “Oh, no…I hope you don’t. I want you to grow up slowly.”

Walt:  ”Why?”

Mommy: “When you get older you might not want Mommy to give you hugs and kisses as much.”


Walt:  ”Well…so….it is going to take me a long long time to get to your age, so you have a lot of years of hugs and kisses left.”

-Submitted by Kimberly-

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